Q. I'm using Windows 7, how do I send music to ARIS from my computer?

A. It's quite easy using Windows 7 Media Player or PlayTo (a built-in feature of Windows 7). Here's how: Open Windows Media Player and select the music you want to play. Then select "Play To" in the menu bar above the play window and select which ARIS speaker you'd like to enjoy your music on. Sit back and enjoy!

Q. Does ARIS work with Apple Macintosh Computers?

A. You can send music to ARIS with a Mac by installing one of several UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) servers such as Twonky for Mac. You can also send music to the ARIS speaker using any iOS device by installing one of the widely available DLNA digital media controller (DMC) apps. We recommend "media:connect" available at the iTunes App Store.


Q. What is DLNA and how does it work in my network?

A. DLNA (Digital Living Networking Alliance) is a standard that, among other protocols, identifies devices by the "job" they do in managing content on the network. For example, devices may function in the role of "Server", "Player", "Controller", or "Renderer." The ARIS is classified as a "Renderer" which means other network associated devices (PC, phone, tablet) can select and send music to ARIS for playback. If you'd like more information on DLNA, see Barb Gonzalez's informative summary here.

Streaming Music to ARIS

Q. Can I use ARIS to listen to Pandora?

A. You can stream Pandora to ARIS by using the Play To feature in Windows 8.

Q. Can I listen to Spotify through ARIS?

A. Microsoft has not yet announced plans for Spotify support in Windows Play To.

Q. Can I listen to Internet Radio?

A. A wide variety of Internet Radio content can be made available by loading the "Skifta" App on your Android phone. Skifta is available at Google play.


Q. How does this work with my Windows Phone?

A. Microsoft has not yet announced its plans for media support from the Windows Phone.

Q. What App should I use with my Android phone?

A. For Android smartphones, we recommend the free Aperion ARIS App, available late this summer at the Android marketplace. We also recommend "Skifta," available at Google play.

Q. What App should I use with my iPhone?

A. For iPhone, we recommend the free Aperion ARIS iOS App, available soon at the iTunes App Store. We also recommend "media:connect" available at the iTunes App store.


Q. How do I play music from my iPad?

A. For iPad, we recommend the free Aperion ARIS iOS App available soon through the iTunes App Store. We also recommend "media:connect", a DLNA app available at the iTunes App Store.

Q. How do I play music from my Android tablet?

A. Just download a DLNA media app on your Android tablet. We recommend the ARIS Music App which will be available through the Android Play Store (Google Play) later this summer. We also recommend the "AwoX mediaCTRL" App and Skifta, both available at Google Play.

file types aris supports

Q. Which digital musc file formats are supported?

A. ARIS supports WMA, AAC, FLAC, MP3, and Real. Most popular music formats will work just fine.

Q. Does the speaker support any lossless file formats??

A. Yes, ARIS supports FLAC, one of the most popular lossless audio formats.


Q. Is ARIS always on, or does it go into standby mode?

A. ARIS goes into Standby mode after 15 minutes of inactivity (15 minutes after the last button push or when no music has been played for 15 minutes). When in Standby, it remains connected to your network in order to immediately "wake up" when you want to play music to it.

Q. How much power is consumed in Standby mode?

A. The system draws approximately 1 to 2 watts of power when in Standby mode, depending on which ARIS Wireless card is inserted.

Q. How many ARIS speakers can I add on my network

A. There is practically no limit to the number of Aris speaker units you can associate with your network.

Q. How do I clean the black aluminum finish?

A. Use a clean, lint-free cloth along with your favorite non-abrasive cleaner - or just plain water.

Q. Why are there speakers on the back of ARIS?

A. These rear drivers are known as passive radiators and are an important component in enabling such impressive bass response.

Q. Why does ARIS have a slot in the back?

A. The slot in the back of ARIS is an Aperion patent-pending invention "the ARIS Wireless Card System" that allows the consumer to change wireless protocols with the simple swap of a card. For example, different cards will be available allowing you to use ARIS with Windows 7 and Windows 8, or other wireless protocols. It also allows for wireless hardware upgrades as a method of accommoding technology changes and "future-proofing" the ARIS speaker system.

Q. Is Aris upgradable?

A. ARIS has at least a couple of ways to easily keep you up to date. The Aperion ARIS wireless speakers use our patent pending ARIS Wireless Card system – which lets you update your unit as technologies change-- without forcing you to part with a speaker system you love. The ARIS Wireless Card for Windows is the first card to be released. The ARIS Wireless Cards automatically update as long as your home network is connected to the Internet. As firmware upgrades for your card become available, you will automatically update to the latest version!