The ARIS Wireless Card for Windows
Once connected to your network, ARIS becomes a Hi-Fi music player for all of your music, no matter on which device it is stored, and ARIS can be controlled by any device on the network – a music lover’s nirvana! Sound amazing? Here’s how it works:


With the ARIS Wireless Card for Windows placed into the ARIS Wireless Speaker system, the ARIS speaker is easily joined to your home network using Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. No additional hardware is needed. Your networked PCs running Windows® 7 and Windows® 8 will then see the ARIS speaker as a device on your network. The ARIS Music App (and most DLNA Apps) on your smartphone or tablet (Android and Apple iOS) will also see ARIS as a “player” device, as ARIS works seamlessly with DLNA®. If you’d like more details on compatibility, see the System Requirements here.

Music Streaming - Using your PC

You can use either Windows Media Player, or the Windows Play To feature directly to stream your music to an ARIS speaker, from any of the music libraries available on your network. Just right click the music tracks you want to play, select Play To from the drop down menu, and then select the ARIS speaker that you want to stream to. You’ll be able to control playback and volume right from your PC.

Learn More about Play To:

Learn More about Windows Media Player 12:

Music Streaming - Using your Smartphone or tablet

To stream music from your Smartphone or tablet, you’ll first need to download and install an App on your device. We'll be providing ARIS Music Apps for Apple iPad and iPhone devices, Android devices, and for Windows 8 Metro very soon. Of course, if you are already using a favorite DLNA App on your device, ARIS will show up on it as a new device under your control.

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